The impact of HCI and ops automation on IT teams

A Reg Reader Study

1. About you and your organisation

1.1 Which part of the world are you based in?


1.2 Which of the following best describes your role? (tick the first that applies)

1.3 How much are you personally involved in implementing and/or managing the following aspects of your organisation's IT infrastructure?

Some involvement
Little or no involvement
Integrated platforms (including all of the above)
Cloud services (delivered by a service provider)
Other (please specify)

1.4 Which of the following best describes your organisation's core business?

1.5 How large is your organisation?

2. Simplification, automation and the impact on IT teams

2.1 Thinking of your current IT infrastructure, how much do the following statements apply?

Not at all
Dealing with infrastructure complexity sucks an excessive amount of IT's time
Lack of automation means a lot of routine drudgery for our IT team
Inconsistencies and disjoints make it hard to manage quality of service (QoS)
Diversity of equipment/configurations hampers patching and security management
Convoluted sets of dependencies mean we avoid making changes wherever possible
Business stakeholders often complain about how long it takes to get things done
If we could design our infrastructure again from scratch, it wouldn't look like it does today

2.2 How would you sum up your organisation's use of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)?

2.3 How do you think HCI impacts the following job functions (whether performed on a dedictated basis or as just one aspect of someone's role)?

Makes life easier
Just changes things
Makes life harder
All but eliminates this function
Little or no impact
Storage admin and support
Networking admin and support
Server admin and support
Quality of service (QoS) management
Security management
Application development/delivery
Application admin and support

2.4 Have you seen any of the following changes in relation to your IT team as a result of increased automation and simplification?

Starting to happen
Expecting this
Not seeing or expecting
Less need for specialist skills in areas like storage, server and network management
Need for existing specialists to broaden their skill sets and embrace other disciplines
The rise of the generalist, i.e. more emphasis on IT staff who know a bit of everything
New skills needed to implement, optimise and manage HCI systems in particular
Need for greater collaboration between specialist groups and disciplines
Merging of previously specialist groups into multi-skilled teams
More autonomy for application teams, e.g. via self-service resource provisioning
Need for people who can communicate effectively with the business stakeholders


2.6 Considering everything we have discussed, how would you sum up the role (or potential role) of hyperconverged infrastructure in helping to simplify and automate your operational environment?

Many thanks for taking part!